Confirming Enrollment & Holds

Confirming Enrollment (Claiming Classes)

Each term (fall, spring, summer or interims), Bradley University provides a due date on the billing statement. Billing statements are available on or (distance education students). In addition, students are sent e-mail notifications to their Bradley e-mail account indicating that a payment is due and the due date.

In order for the student’s registration to be complete for a term, the student must confirm enrollment by taking action sometimes referred to as “claiming classes”. This can be done in several ways:

  • The student makes payment or payment arrangements by the announced due date.
  • If the student’s account has a credit balance, the student completes the online process to indicate a refund preference.
  • Or, if the balance is zero, the student completes steps online confirming the zero balance.

If one of the above processes is not completed, the student’s classes, for that specific term, will be dropped. The student will be notified via their Bradley email account that classes have been dropped.

It is the student’s responsibility to re-register for the classes for that term. Information on registration is available at Once the student has re-registered, a new billing statement will be generated and an email will be sent to their Bradley account notifying them that payment is due immediately. If payment is not made at that time, the classes will be dropped during the next drop cycle.

Hold Policy

The Student Fees Office will place a registration and grade hold on a student’s account if that account is past due. The registration hold will prevent a student from registering for future terms. The grade hold will prevent a student from viewing grades, receiving transcripts and receiving a diploma. The hold will not be removed until the student’s account balance is current.

Contact Student Fees to make payment arrangements. Once payment and/or payment arrangements have been made, the registration hold may be removed. The grade hold will remain on the student’s account until the balance is current.

It is the student’s responsibility to:

  • Be aware of the payment policies found on
  • Keep updated on his/her account balance and financial aid information
  • Satisfy all financial obligations with the university