General Eligibility for Bradley-funded Undergraduate Grants and Scholarships

Bradley University offers a broad menu of need-based grants, merit scholarships, and special criteria awards. While each program may have unique selection and renewal requirements, the following eligibility criteria apply universally:

  • All Bradley undergraduate financial assistance programs require continuous full-time enrollment (12 or more hours per semester) through the third week of each regular semester.
  • All Bradley University undergraduate financial assistance programs are limited to the first Bachelor's degree. Students in graduate or 2nd degree undergraduate programs are not eligible for these programs.
  • With the exception of summer school, Bradley-directed off-campus programs, and approved Leaves-of-Absences, eligibility for Bradley-funded undergraduate grants and scholarships generally requires continuous enrollment at Bradley University. Students who reenter the university as classified readmits do not automatically receive their previous eligibility for Bradley grants and scholarships. However, reinstatement may be granted on appeal.
  • Bradley undergraduate grants and scholarships are not available during summer sessions, January, or May Interim enrollment periods.