Crime Prevention

Bradley University’s crime prevention program is designed to inform and help members of the university community to minimize their potential to be a victim of crime. All members of the campus community are encouraged to act responsibly, for their own protection and for the protection of others.

It doesn’t matter where you are going to live on campus or off, all of us have to take responsibility for our personal safety. If you decide to live on campus in a residence hall, review this Web site for Residential Living. Should your decision turn to living in Off Campus housing, you should review the following two Web sites. The first is Prairie State Legal Services‘Renter’s Handbook’ which provides information on Landlord - Tenant agreements, including check lists and other advice to assist you in making a good decision. The second site will provide you with information about the City of Peoria and the various city codes and ordinances. (scroll down and click on "links.")

Additional Crime Prevention Resources and Programs

Vacation House Watch

The Bradley University Police Department invites members of the Bradley University community residing in the near off-campus neighborhoods to register their residences with the Vacant House Watch prior to leaving campus for fall break, winter break, or spring break. During the breaks, BUPD officers will check registered vacant residences daily as part of their routine patrols.

Crime Prevention Presentations and Materials 

The Bradley University Police Department facilitates crime prevention and sexual assault programs for students, parents, faculty and staff, student and community organizations and the Office of Residential Living & Student Conduct resident advisers throughout the year. Information also is disseminated to students and employees through crime prevention awareness packets, pamphlets, posters, displays, videos, articles and advertisements in the student newspaper, and B-News and Hilltop Happenings emails.

Rape Defense Classes

The Bradley University Police Department offers Rape Aggression Defense System (R.A.D.) training classes. It is a comprehensive course that begins with awareness, prevention, risk reduction and avoidance, and progresses to the basics of hands-on defense training.

Operation Identification

The Bradley University Police Department will lend engraving equipment to students, faculty, and staff free of charge to permanently mark their valuables.