International Student Numbers Increase at Bradley University

March 9, 2022

Bradley University is experiencing a major increase in the number of international students enrolling in its academic programs. In the 2021-2022 academic year, Bradley enrolled 197 students who study on F-1 student visas. In comparison, over the past five years (pre-pandemic), Bradley enrolled on average 75 international students per academic year.

There is also significant growth in terms of international applications at all levels (transfer, first year, undergraduate and graduate), with three times as many international applications received this academic year compared to last year.

This increase is attributed in part to a change in the country’s political landscape and the loosening of pandemic restrictions, but also because of a more concerted effort by Bradley to market its educational programs on an international level. Bradley has updated its international recruitment strategy, reengaged university committees on international initiatives and is working to add more resources to focus on what international students need to succeed.

The country with the most international students on campus is India, followed by Canada, Vietnam, and Sudan.

Current international students and the large Indian population in our Peoria community have also been a tremendous help in getting these students situated in their new town. The new students can connect with these groups to talk about life in America, getting around town, where and who to go to for help, understanding course scheduling and other general topics. Bradley is hands-on from the moment the international students arrive in the U.S. to their well-being and success on campus. It is imperative to provide services that are specifically needed by international students, which may differ from their domestic counterparts.

While the increase is mostly in graduate-level programs, undergraduate programs are also rising in popularity with international students. Computer science is the top program of interest for the international student population, with engineering second. There is also an increase in interest in other technology-based programs such as game design and animation.