Bradley's Online Family Nurse Practitioner Program Ranks Top Five in the Nation

November 1, 2021

As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, online education has become an even more reliable and sought-after way to gain advanced degrees. Nurse Practitioner Online, an advocate for advanced practice nursing, recently ranked Bradley's online family nurse practitioner program as one of the best in the nation this year. Out of 130 other qualifying programs, Bradley ranked 4th.

According to the online ranking, "Bradley University offers a trifecta of online programs, including a post-master's certificate, an MSN, and a DNP in the specialty." It also highlights how Bradley's program offers asynchronous online courses, has no campus residency requirement and has clinical hours that are completed with approved preceptors of choice.

To develop this ranking, Nurse Practitioner Online built a database of online nurse practitioner programs of all degree levels and specializations across the U.S. They then filtered the list by assessing each school's diversity of nurse practitioner programs offered, accreditation status, years of faculty experience, annual fees in relation to the local cost of living, size of the nursing department, acceptance rate and completion rate. To learn more about the methodology, click here.