Bradley University to increase campus accessibility for those with mobility issues

Accessibility in public spaces has its issues, especially when it involves accessible entrances for those with mobility exceptionalities. Entrances are not only inconvenient but many times troublesome for these individuals. COVID-19 has increased the need for caution on touch access in an attempt to limit germ spread.

Push™ is a device that allows a door to open from up to 15 feet away to deliver autonomy for the user. Bradley University will roll out the device during its Founder’s Day celebration, Sept. 30. During 2022, the university is celebrating its 125th anniversary.

Adopting use of Push™ will signal students, employees, and the community how Bradley strives for new ways to create a more accessible community and a smoother experience for all. Of the 500 Push™ devices available, students with physical disabilities and students who are immunocompromised will get them first. Those students who are immunocompromised must notify the SAS Office, Athletic Office, Department of Residential Living, or Health Services to qualify. Students will be able to request a fob via this form..

Fobs may be administered to faculty and staff as well, if desired. All offices will have pamphlets to distribute to students with information on how to acquire the fob. Students may direct any questions to

“When the things that make you unique close the door to your opportunity, all it takes is a little Push™," said Bradley alumnus Pierre Paul, the device’s creator.

Doors with PushTM capability may be identified by the P logo shown to the right.