Bradley Interactive Media Students Bring Their Games to the Riverfront Museum

April 18, 2022

The Peoria Riverfront Museum has once again partnered with Bradley University’s Department of Interactive Media to present FUSE, a dynamic and engaging showcase of Bradley’s interactive media students’ work. This year’s FUSE will take place Saturday, April 30, from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. FUSE is open to the public, free of charge.

The Department of Interactive Media at Bradley is internationally recognized. FUSE 2022 includes:

  • A Game Art Gallery — Walk through the museum's lobby to view a gallery of digital artwork created by Bradley game art majors. Featured artwork ranges from concept art to game-ready props, environments and characters.
  • A Video Showcase — Watch a compendium reel featuring recent work from award-winning interactive media students. Immediately following the reel, watch animations created by Bradley seniors for their capstone projects and the official launch trailer for “Bellissimo,” a game created by Bradley graduate students.
  • Dome Animations — Watch special showings of animations made specifically for the museum’s Dome Planetarium. The animations were crafted by Bradley students and designed to be extremely immersive experiences.
  • Games — Play and enjoy unique games, like the senior capstone project “Disaster Golf,” that have been conceptualized, designed, programmed and produced by Bradley students.
  • Keynote Speakers — Listen to seniors from all majors in the Department of Interactive Media share their accomplishments and give advice about studying interactive media.
  • Laptop and Mobile Displays — Interact with the user-experience capstone work displayed on laptops and mobile devices. Together, these students have focused their energy on making a seamless experience for the user.

This one-day event is produced by Bradley students within the Department of Interactive Media’s five majors: animation, game design, interactive media, user interaction/user experience and the recently added major, game art. Additionally, students in Bradley’s new master’s degree program will display their work. Representatives from CSE Software, Caterpillar, OSF, Volition, Float and IONA Group will rate the projects and hand out awards to deserving students.

To learn about this year’s FUSE, visit