NPHC and MGO Plot Dedication

April 25, 2022

On Saturday, April 23, Bradley University held a historic dedication ceremony for the new National Pan-Hellenic Council (NPHC) and Multicultural Greek Organizations (MGO) plots in the Alumni Quad.

Eleven plots were designated for the organizations chartered at Bradley. They consist of a limestone monument with the organization's description on an engraved placard. The organizational crest or coat of arms on the front will be illuminated by a light that shines down from the inside edge of the monument. These plots serve as a permanent physical representation of the significance of these Greek letter organizations at Bradley since 1948.

At the dedication, Bradley President Stephen Standifird explained that the location of these plots was intentional. “These plots are laid in the Alumni Quad to remind all of the significance of the NPHC and Multicultural Greek Organizations through your commitment to membership in both the undergraduate student and alumni experience. Drawn from the same limestone quarry as the Hayden-Clark Alumni Center and Bradley Hall, these monuments tie to the direct physical representation of major parts of our campus architecture. The vibrancy of color from your crests will continue to draw attention to the high expectations for which you hold yourselves and your members.”

Hundreds of students, employees and alumni were on hand for the dedication, which took place in conjunction with the Bradley University Black Alumni Alliance reunion.

“I don't think words could explain how excited we were to finally unveil the plots,” said NPHC President Lynnae Williams. “It was a historic moment with many alumni who fought for this and current students who aren't Greek finally seeing the underrepresented community getting what they deserve. I hope people at Bradley continue to fight for what they believe in and I hope our faculty, staff and administration continue to meet the needs and rights of hard-working, underrepresented students.”

University leaders say this is just the beginning when it comes to raising awareness and celebrating these organizations. Bradley’s very first strategic imperative is to create a welcoming, caring, diverse and inclusive community within and beyond campus. It is with this in mind that the institution pledges its commitment that there is still much work to be done.

Vice President for Student Affairs Nathan Thomas says he hopes this area will provide a space for all of campus to see and feel the impact these organizations have had on Bradley. “I’ve been so fortunate to see firsthand for years the impact the NPHC and Multicultural Greek Organizations have on their members and on our campus. Today was an amazing day! And now each day going forward, it will be great for all of the campus to see that same impact through these plots and the organizations themselves.”