Mentor Program

Every academic year, the Turner School of Entrepreneurship & Innovation invites successful entrepreneurs to connect with the Bradley University students through the BU Turner School Mentor program. The program enables students to learn through ongoing personal interaction with experienced entrepreneurs, investors, consultants, innovators and executives. The Entrepreneur and Innovation Mentor Program meet one-on-one with students or teams to help them with business development, networking, and career planning.

Innovation is Bradley University. Building Innovation through shared engagement, and collaborative experience. Bringing the Subject Matter Expert into a Network of ideas both on and off campus. Identifying emerging careers through multidisciplinary partnerships across industries. Recognizing talent is the essence of our legacy, which drives our future.

Mentees: How it Works

  • Although mentors correspond to one of the most valuable resources entrepreneurs in general count on, especially undergraduate students find mentors even more helpful as most of these students don’t have enough experience and knowledge about the process and challenge of starting a new venture.
  • As a mentee, we expect you have the time and dedication to honor the commitment of our team and our mentors to your development and growth. There is a very strict code of discipline and conduct all mentees have to follow in order to guarantee the effectiveness and reliability of the program.
  • To be eligible for a mentor, you just need to be a Bradley student and have the passion and curiosity to start and follow an autonomous career through an innovative venture of your own. You don’t need a business running, nor a project, not even the idea for the business or project. We and our mentors can provide the insights to inspire your ideas.
  • The mentor will be assigned to you based on your preferences, career goals, profile and, if you have, the characteristics and area of your project.
  • Based on your needs and the availability of your mentor, we can schedule monthly or weekly meetings, in-person or online, and we will track your progress through your reports and feedback.
  • If you are interested in joining the program and meet with a mentor, the first step is to create a StartupTree account.
  • After signing up to StartupTree, head to the Meet Our Mentors page to check the current list of mentors, read their profiles, and find the best fit for you (we can also pair you with the mentor, if you prefer).
  • Questions should be directed to Marcos Hashimoto through email:

Mentors: How it Works

  • As a mentor, we expect you to be available to meet one or two students or a team that we assign to you based on their interests, projects, career goals and level of maturity of their project.
  • We also expect the mentors to engage in the activities of the Turner School, including serving as judges in our competitions, guest speakers to our classes, group coaching to class assignments, or just show up at our networking events.
  • Being a mentor represents one of the most meaningful ways to give back to the society and to fulfill an educational purpose and mission towards the future of these young entrepreneurs.
  • If you accept this honor, please fill out your Bio and Availability at our Bradley Startup Tree page. Please take the necessary time to provide as much information as you can in your biography, experience and education fields. This will help us in our pairing process.
  • After signing up to StartupTree, just wait and we will get in touch with you.
  • After signing up to StartupTree, please direct your interest in becoming a Mentor to Marcos Hashimoto through email: