Turner School of Entrepreneurship and Innovation

The Turner School of Entrepreneurship and Innovation is a launchpad for future trailblazers! We believe in hands-on learning that teaches skills and lets you perfect them.  

Upon graduation, you'll wield your new-found skills with finesse in areas like: 

  • Turning wild ideas into real-world game-changers
  • Crafting killer business plans that are more action, less talk
  • Mixing business with a dash of social impact and a sprinkle of innovation
  • Expanding your contact list like a networking ninja
  • Finding opportunities and knowing which ones to pursue
  • Starting your own business adventure 

But it’s not just about the skills – it’s about your journey.

Picture this:

  • Internships that toss you into the entrepreneurial deep end
  • Mentors who've been there and rocked that
  • Adrenaline-pumping pitch showdowns like the Big Idea competition
  • The coolest club in town – the Collegiate Entrepreneurs' Organization (C.E.O.)
  • Brain-bending Social Impact Challenges 

Ready to power up your entrepreneurial journey? Welcome to the Turner School of Entrepreneurship and Innovation – where your adventure begins now!

You have people from so many different majors that it just changes the way you think. You’re constantly having to interact with people from different backgrounds. I’m a technically minded person, and interacting with people in the arts, people on the business side of things, was really a good experience.

- Brandon

I learned so many skills from all the competitions I’ve done at Bradley. My confidence has improved, my skills in networking – My mindset expanded. I definitely benefited from (my work in the Turner School).

- Darina

The Big Idea got me to bring a bunch of people together. I learned a lot about myself, my teammates, my product – I developed and learned a lot.

- Jack