Foster College Student Laptop Requirement


The Foster College of Business requires that all incoming freshmen and transfer students have a laptop computer to complete the coursework. Recommended minimum specifications are noted below.

Recommended Student Laptop Minimum Requirements

  • Operating System: Latest Windows Version
  • Processor: 11th Gen Intel Core or Similar
  • Memory: 16GB RAM
  • Storage capacity: 256 to 512 GB hard drive (solid state drive)
  • Extended warranty (4 year warranty with accidental damage protection)
  • You may purchase your laptop through Bradley University

PC/Windows machines are highly preferred and recommended. Apple laptops are not recommended. If you already have an Apple machine that you plan to bring to campus, you will be able to use our virtual server environment (VDI Desktop) to access all of the software we use in our teaching computer labs.

Please note the extended warranty is an additional purchase for your laptop. You can also add a rider on parents’ homeowners insurance policy for added protection.

Software Recommendations

All software used in business courses is available through the university VDI (virtual desktop initiative) There is no need to purchase software.

Other Financial Considerations

With purchase receipts, the expense incurred to purchase required technology may be used to increase private or PLUS loan amounts. It is important to note that increases in cost of attendance for required technology will not result in an increase in scholarship, grant or work-study funding. Please contact the Bradley University Office of Financial Assistance for further information at