Business Plan Checklist

  • Cover sheet : name, address, telephone, names of principals, date of business plan
  • Business Plan summary: products/services provided, financial needs summary, loan information
  • Table of contents

  1. The Business
    1. Description of business
      1. Describe business: legal form, new or existing business, hours, other info about business, owners/officers names & addresses, % owned
      2. Product or service offered: description, benefit to customers, how product or service is different/beneficial
      3. Location of business and why, describe facilities, own or lease, building improvements needed
    2. Marketing
      1. Target market: age, gender, income & education of customer
      2. Size of market: no. of potential customers, growing or declining market, your expected market share
      3. Marketing strategy: how you will locate, attract and keep customers; advertising, other promotion
      4. Pricing strategy
    3. Competition
      1. Describe all local competitors and what you know about them, their products/services
      2. Strengths and weaknesses of competitors
      3. How your product or service is different/better
      4. Competitor pricing strategies
    4. Operating procedures
      1. Identify equipment needed and cost
      2. Inventory/material needs
      3. Store/plant hours
      4. Misc.
    5. Personnel
      1. Your background & experience
      2. How you will compensate for any weaknesses or lack of experience
      3. Members of management team, their strengths & weaknesses, duties of each
      4. Immediate and future personnel needs to run business, hiring timeframe, employee benefits, union involvement
    6. Business insurance
    7. Financial data
      1. Start-up costs: legal, accounting, leases, permits, equipment, supplies, advertising, salaries, utilities, furniture, starting inventory, remodeling, rent,
        owner's salaries, etc.
  2. Financial Data
    1. Loan applications: amount to be borrowed, use of funds
    2. Capital equipment and supply list: machinery, equipment, furniture, etc. to be purchased and cost
    3. Balance sheet: projected opening day, and at end of yr. 1,2,3
      1. Assets: anything of value owned or due to the business
      2. Current assets: items convertible into cash within 12 mos.
      3. Fixed assets: assets not for resale -land, buildings, lease, equipment, furniture, vehicles, etc.
      4. Current liabilities: debts payable within 12 months
      5. Long-term: debts due beyond 12 months
      6. Net worth: owner's equity
    4. Breakeven analysis
    5. Income & Expense projections (profit & loss statements)
      1. Three-year summary
      2. Detail by month, year one
      3. Detail by quarters, year 2 & 3
      4. Assumptions upon which projections were based
    6. Pro-forma cash flow:
      1. Beginning cash + receipts, - cash paid out = ending cash
      2. Detail by month, year one
      3. Detail by quarters, year 2 & 3
  3. Supporting Documents
    Tax returns of principals for last three years Personal financial statement (all banks have these forms) In the case of a franchised business, a copy of franchise contract, all documents provided by the franchiser Copy of proposed lease or purchase agreement for building space Copy of licenses and other legal documents Copy of resumes of all principals Copies of letters of intent from suppliers, etc.