Technology Commercialization

The Turner Center for Entrepreneurship at Bradley University recognizes the economic growth opportunities in assisting entrepreneurs and tech‐based companies in developing innovative products and services. To help drive this approach, the Center is assisting companies in commercializing tech-based products and services into the marketplace.

Technology commercialization is much more than creating scientific breakthroughs and intellectual property. It requires a multi-disciplined approach that merges technology and business and accesses a diverse set of people skills in transforming ideas into great products and services.

The Center’s strategy is based upon:

  • Recognizing the need to converge the advances in science and technology with the evolving needs and wants of customers to fully understand innovation.
  • Helping companies assemble and manage technology commercialization projects in which each project consist of multiple components, including: innovation, people skills, business development, and investment capital.
  • Developing a robust group of projects that vary by stages of development, technology areas, and types of companies. This provides for a very flexible method for managing projects.

Our Center helps companies identify, evaluate, and pursue technology commercialization projects that lead to innovative products and services. This includes helping companies make connections with Bradley faculty, students, and labs as well as with a network of innovation companies and capital providers in developing commercialization projects.

This approach coincides with Bradley’s strategic vision. It reflects the technology and business resources which have global impact and are also located in the Bradley region. By leveraging these resources, technology commercialization can support the dual purpose of creating and growing vibrant companies and generating jobs and investment for the local economy.