Global Scholars

Professionals in the fields of education and health sciences are challenged with a complex global reality. Awareness of global developments and cross-cultural competencies are crucial in dealing with differences and learning from people of other cultures.

Our Global Scholars Program is designed to prepare professionals for this international state of affairs. The Global Scholars Program (GSP) can be earned in your program in the College of Education and Health Sciences regardless of your major. Your designation as a Global Scholar will assist you in job searches in your profession.

As a Global Scholar you will…

  • Demonstrate increases awareness and appreciation of cultural, ethnic, and disciplinary backgrounds
  • Identify and analyze crucial factors in developing global and cross-cultural communication and attending to issues of diversity in your profession
  • Demonstrate greater awareness for global perspectives in communication, collaboration, diversity, and professional networking
  • Collaborate and communicate effectively with colleagues and other professionals within one’s own and other cultures
  • Demonstrate aspects of international culture and human behavior

Program Requirements

Admission Criteria

  • Completion of one college semester
  • Maintaining a 2.5 grade point average
  • Submission of an essay
  • 17 to 20 semester hours at Bradley University plus international/global campus activities, service activities, and participation in internationally focused seminars

    Foreign Language

    • 1 to 3 hours to be approved by departmental Global Scholar Advisor, e.g., one semester in foreign language, proficiency equivalency, immersion course when studying abroad

    General Education

    • 9 hours of general education courses focused on international, human values orientation to be approved by the departmental Global Scholar Advisor from approved department list

    Departmental International/Multicultural Course

    • One 3-hour course from the student’s major.
    • ETE 280, ETE 663
    • FCS 220, FCS 402, FCS 406, FCS 438
    • HS 330, HS 350
    • EHC 586
    • NUR 433, NUR 533

    Study Abroad

    • Minimum of 3 semester hours earned from study abroad.

    Required course taught by an interdisciplinary team

    • EHS 300 Professionalism Across Cultures - 1 hr.

    International/Global Focused Campus Activities

    • 20 hours of activity approved by departmental Global Scholar Advisor
    • Five of these hours are service related

    Focus Seminars

    • Participation in two or more internationally focused seminars sponsored by departments or college faculty