Global Scholars

We live in an increasingly interconnected world and transact in a global marketplace where discovery happens through collaboration that spans cultural boundaries. Innovation in engineering and technology engages a wide array of stakeholders, including technologists, innovators, policy and decision makers, and the business community across the globe. The Global Scholars Program in CCET builds on a long and rich tradition of innovative programs that have brought together scholars and students from across the globe. Students will earn the Global Scholar designation upon completion of the program requirements, which includes an immersive cultural study-abroad experience.

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Why Become a Global Scholar in the Caterpillar College of Engineering and Technology?

  • Study-abroad opportunities as early as the sophomore year
  • Opportunities to interact with global leaders in engineering and technology
  • Recognition with a commendation letter from the Dean
  • Global Scholar designation on the university transcript
  • Digital Global Scholar badge

Program Requirements

  1. Minimum GPA 2.50
  2. Immersive cultural study-abroad experience, and 2-page reflective essay on their experience
  3. Global Scholars Seminar - 1 hour
  4. Total of 12 hours of relevant coursework in at least three of the following areas.
    • Courses offered in CCET (as approved by the CCET Executive Committee)
    • International Business (IB204/IB205, IB206, IB302, IB323, IB309, IB391), Economics (ECO355), Finance (FIN323), Marketing (MTG388), and/or Accounting (ATG 461/ATG561)
    • Global Perspectives
    • World Cultures
    • Fine Arts
    • Humanities
    • Courses designated as MI
    • World Language