Pack a bag for J-Term! The Ultimate Education Experience

One of the most thrilling experiences students can have during their college years is studying abroad. Whatever major you pursue, Bradley offers innovative courses and cultural travel opportunities to enhance your college experience. We caught up with five students who traveled to London last January as part of the two-week interim study abroad. 


Daniela Barzallo, English Major

Brittney Burns, Industrial Engineering Major and Theatre Performance Minor

Audrey Hyla, Elementary Education Major

Jordyn Jawor, Kinesiology & Health Science and Psychology Majors

Jennifer Reyes, Advertising & Public Relations Major


Why did the study abroad program appeal to you as part of your education here at Bradley?

Jawor: I wanted to make the most of my college education, and this allowed me to have an immersive learning experience for my physical therapy studies in another country.

Hyla: I wanted to get out of my comfort zone and try something new.

Reyes: One of the reasons I chose Bradley University was because of the study abroad program. It was an opportunity to travel and take a class that encouraged me to explore different cultures.


Most memorable experience

Reyes: I took a day trip to Paris with my sorority sisters since it was just a train-ride away!

Barzallo: Watching Life of Pi with the theatre class. I was amazed by the performance, particularly the puppets that were used to bring animals like Richard Parker the tiger to the stage.

Jawor: Going on a scavenger hunt for an assignment and seeing the historic buildings and sights of London. Seeing Wicked with a group of friends was pretty great, too!

Burns: I have several memorable experiences: Going to Shakespeare's birthplace, Stratford-upon-Avon; getting coached in an acting workshop by a professional at the Royal Shakespeare Theatre; and performing a scene from Shakespeare's play Love Labour's Lost in front of the rest of the classes on the trip at High Tea.


Best thing you ate

Reyes: Macaroons!  

Jawor: The fish and chips were amazing!

Burns: This sounds weird, but I had an Oreo milkshake that tasted so different from what I’m used to. They used actual vanilla bean and it transcended the flavor. It was delicious!


What do you miss the most?

Reyes: I miss the affordable and sustainable food choices available.

Burns: The culture. We visited several museums and they were free, because in London they believe everyone should experience art.

Barzallo: By the end of the trip, I was pretty familiar with certain parts of London, so I miss walking around and being part of that little community.

See the students talk about what they loved about their study-abroad experience.

Emily Potts