Slane College of Communications & Fine Arts

Slane College of Communications and Fine Arts

The Slane College of Communications and Fine Arts is a hub of activity for makers, storytellers and performers. It’s home to people who want to use their flair to enrich the world and help others with their talents. Programs in art, communication, interactive media, music and theatre challenge you to be your creative best.

All degrees are hands-on from the day you start. You can join a musical ensemble, the student newspaper or the most successful speech team in the nation as a first-year. As you advance, you can plan an award-winning PR campaign, invent a game, build a model for NASA or produce video for Bradley’s Division I athletics.

You also see the world’s premiere art and communication communities through unique programs like Bradley’s Hollywood Semester and NBC Olympics internships. In addition, you can travel with the chorale, win a trip to see advertising giant BBDO’s New York City headquarters or spend a semester in Italy.

These adventures will give you practical skills to launch a meaningful career, whatever path you choose. And you’ll have a highlight reel of memories for the rest of your life.

College News

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Following one sports-related opportunity after another, this student knows how to play the game. Combining soft skills with hardball tactics and a penchant for fun, his trek from farm town to Tinseltown is only the beginning. But it was his time at Bradley that prepared him for all the twists and turns along the way.

Keeping the Music – and Memory – of a Jazz Legend Alive

Using very modern media tools, this Bradley alumnus introduces jazz legend Bix Beiderbecke – his great-grand uncle – to a new generation.

Slane In the News

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Hollywood Semester

Create your life's highlight reel in L.A., where classes and internships will connect you to entertainment industry insiders and life-changing experiences.

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