Classes Available

  ART 300 Creative Strategy for Graphic Design

  Professor Gary Will

Dive in to the world of Creative Strategy, with this popular London course. Art 300 Creative Strategy in Graphic Design complements the existing Graphic Design program within the Department of Art and Design. Through a series of fun, short, sharp, creative exercises, students will learn about the fundamentals of creative strategy and execution and culminate with a final team project, presented to a London based creative company.

ART300 Creative Strategy in Graphic Design will also encourage students to work both individually and in teams. Everyone taking this course will learn to utilize a unique set of creative thinking ’tools’.

Graphic Design majors and minors will be given priority seating on this course, followed by any other interested students who are looking for an elective/upper-level course.


  CRM 380/SOC 390 Comparative Criminal Justice

  Dr. Shannon Cunningham

This course will compare and contrast the criminal justice systems of the United States and England. Students will learn how the police, corrections, and court systems function in each country, and how these differences affect policy. Prerequisite: CRM 110 OR CJS 110; junior or senior status; or consent of instructor SOC 100, SOC 101, or consent of instructor.


  ENG 302 Travel Writing (BCC W2)

  Department of English

There is no place like London! Famously, the great Samuel Johnson wrote that “when a man is tired of London, he is tired of life, for there is in London all that life can afford.” Energetic and diverse, rich in history, culture, and all of the things that make life interesting, London is the ideal place to discover and develop your skills as a travel writer. In this course, you will explore London (with the class and independently) and use your experiences and curiosity as a traveler to write engaging essays and narratives that include and combine research, analysis and critical reflection. Prerequisites: ENG 101 or CIV 111-112 and junior standing.


  ETE 280 Exploring Diversity: Learners, Families, & Communities (GP, WC)

  Professor Cecile Arquette



  Professor Amit Sinha

Come learn the principles of personal finance in London. London and Finance has long history together, and it acted as the prominent center for international trade and financing for a long time. By the end of the end of the 19th century, more than 50% of the world’s trade was financed in the British Pound, most if not all of them through London. London is currently home to several exchanges, like the London Stock Exchange, the London Metal Exchange, Chi-X, the Baltic Exchange, among many others that continues to play an important role in the global financial market. The Lloyd’s of London, one of world’s leading insurance and re-insurance market, that serves over 200 countries and territories. Although Brexit has affected London’s eminence as a financial center, nevertheless its historic and thriving financial environment that sets the standard for managing finances the world over, provides an ideal setting to study and learn the how to manage our own personal finances. Through this course, FIN 220 Personal Finance, you would learn the essentials of managing personal income, wealth, budgeting, investing in stocks, bonds and mutual funds, as well as insurance and estate planning.


  KHS 343, Ethics of Healthcare (BCC GP/WC, WI Writing Intensive)

  Dr. Joe Kelly

Explore ethical issues encountered in healthcare using London’s substantial medical history. Increase your ethical awareness in healthcare as we visit museums, libraries, and healthcare facilities rich in artifacts accumulated over centuries. Students will be exposed to ethical issues encountered in healthcare using the past and present. What was it like in the 14th century as a common person facing a quarantine during Black Death? What lessons can be learned after recently experiencing a pandemic? You will be asked to synthesize and implement strategies for applying morals, values, and ethics in healthcare. Finally we will explore the differences and similarities between the US and UK healthcare availability and cultural practices. This course fulfills the BCC GP/WC Area of Inquiry AND the WI (Writing Intensive) requirement.


  MIS 389 Technology in War and Peace

  Dr. Jacob Young

This course will examine the role of technology and its impact on society during periods of both war and peace. Discussion topics will include cybersecurity, analytics, privacy, and anonymity. Although not limited to World War II, we will specifically examine encryption methods, such as the German Enigma machine, and the computerized cryptanalysis techniques developed by Alan Turing. Students will learn how wartime research and development provided a foundation for contemporary cryptography used to secure your communications, finances, and privacy. After careful study of the atrocities committed during the Holocaust, students will gain greater appreciation for the fight to preserve privacy and liberty, especially as it pertains to surveillance. In addition to taking in London's most popular sights, day trips will also visit the Churchill War Rooms, Bletchley Park, The National Museum of Computing, and the Science Museum.


  PLS 317 International Law

  Professor Taraleigh Davis

Embark on a captivating exploration of international law and the intricate workings of the global legal framework. Through engaging lectures, hands-on activities, and immersive experiences, students will grapple with fundamental questions surrounding the application and enforcement of international law. This unique program plans to include tours of prestigious institutions such as the Supreme Court of the U.K. and the Royal Courts of Justice (subject to availability), where we will view live court cases. Additionally, we plan to visit Parliament and tour the historic Inns of Court alongside a London lawyer, gaining invaluable perspectives on legal practice and tradition.

Contact instructor if you need a PLS 208 prerequisite override.


  THE 131 Introduction to Theatre (BCC FA) or THE 494: Theatre Expedition

  Professor Chad Lowell

Note: A $275 surcharge allows us to use London, a world premiere entertainment city, exclusively as our classroom. This modest surcharge covers additional excursions as well as all show tickets and is worth every penny!

Program Details

   Thursday, Jan. 2, 2025 – Friday, Jan. 17, 2025

Comprehensive fee of $4,400 includes:

  • Round-trip airfare from Chicago O'Hare
  • Tuition and textbooks (!)
  • Twin room with private bath and breakfast daily
  • Guided half-day city coach tour, London guidebook, and transportation pass for your entire stay, so you can enjoy your new knowledge of the city!
  • PLUS! A Night at the Theatre OR a possible day excursion
  • AND! Class-related visits to museums, galleries, cultural and historical sites, & more!

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A non-refundable $500 deposit is required to secure your registration, due no later than Monday, April 22, 2024. Then, a $1000 payment is due by Friday, May 17, 2024. A payment of 50% of the remaining balance ($1450) is due by Monday, September 2, 2024. The final balance ($1450) is due by Wednesday, Oct. 2, 2024. Bills will be available online at mybradley.bradley. A participant missing payment will be dropped from the program.

You will receive information during the registration period about deadlines for required documents, the mandatory student program orientation in November, and other program information. (If you do not currently have a valid passport, apply now!) *Students enrolled in a Bradley sponsored Study Abroad program may be eligible for Financial Aid. We encourage you to contact the Financial Aid Office for more information.

NOTE: A minimum 2.50 Bradley GPA is required to study abroad. Participating students must be in good academic and disciplinary standing and submit a Medical Clearance Form signed by Bradley University’s health services or your general practitioner. Please contact us at if you have questions.)